Monday, March 16, 2009

Benjamin and Lucinda

Benjamin and Lucinda were made for me in the early 90's by a vendor at the TN
Homecoming in Oak Ridge TN. Hard to see all the details. Lucinda has her crazy
quilt, wears her heart on her sleeve, has a tiny yoyo bracelet, a button necklace,
her leather pouch in her pocket with a love letter from Benjamin and a tiny bunny
made from a tatted hanky. She wears antique spectacles and an antique childs
Benjy has his slingshot and a bag of rocks for it, wears antique childs clothing and
has leather shoes. Not sure which of them came with the 1910 embroidered crazy
quilt heart pillow.
Another bunny was made for me first that I loved. My sister liked her and asked for
one to be made for her. The crafter made two, but Linda did not like Benjy, so only
bought Lucinda. Then she decided Lucinda should live with me because of her
needlework, so we traded. In the meantime, Benjy wrote love letters to Lucinda
expressing how he was "pining" for her. You know I had to buy Benjamin so they
could be together. If I had my first love back, she should have hers too. They've
been side by side ever since.
Feed sacks were used for their bodies and all clothing and accessories are vintage
or antique. I think they're quite special and they live in the computer room to be
part of the family. Had them long before a single Boyds Bear.


Ruth said...

Cute story. They are very cute.


Shadows of the goddess designs said...

those are very special indeed !!